Work lunch break at Migwi farm Kibandaski

migwi farm

A kibandaski is a slang term for a local casual cafe where a full meal goes for less than ksh. 500. This term has been coined from the words Kibanda + Kempinski. Most kibandaskis are frequented by workers during the lunch break. In fact, that is how I came to know of the Migwi farm kibandaski. A friend had visited this place and posted it on Instagram. I was intrigued as the background looked very stylish.

The Total Motorshow 2018 photo Diary

Total Motorshow

Yesterday was a dynamic showcase of all things motor at the KICC.  The Total Motorshow, which was officially opened by the President of the Republic of Kenya, was one of a kind of event.  A ticket cost Ksh. 200 for adults and Ksh. 50 for kids.  This event marked the coming back of the annual Total motorshow. This was the 20th the motorshow was happening and after a break.

5 Places that will make your trip to Mombasa memorable

I did get on the Madaraka Express on Madaraka Day. Funny enough, I did not realise the co-relation until I was on the train. The trip was something I had planned for at the beginning of May.  I booked a package tour of Mombasa with a travel and tours company through the Ocharge app. I longed to explore more of Mombasa even though I have been there before. The Madaraka weekend presented the perfect occasion for this. I also wanted have a feel of a train ride would feel. I mean how else will I know my tax money was spent well, lol.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy: Humans and Wildlife Live in Harmony

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

They say that running through the Lewa has to be one of the toughest marathons in the world. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is a UNESCO World Heritage Site found in the heart of Kenya. You may know Lewa Wildlife Conservancy from the Safaricom Marathon and have even been lucky enough to run this tough race.  Lewa is one of the few of its kind in Kenya.

I was lucky to have a courtesy visit to this conservancy earlier this year.  We were given a game ranger and a Land Cruiser which is very ideal for the rainy season. After a visit to one of the local schools, we were taken to the elephants’ common hangout. The range is extensive and is surrounded by communities from Isiolo, Meru and Samburu to mention a few. In fact, the infamous Ngare Ndare is to be found here.