Late Lunch at Tin Roof Cafe, Karen

Tin Roof Cafe Karen

Truth be told, I  visited this place majorly because of FOMO. There have been such rave reviews about the Tin Roof Cafe Karen and I wanted a taste of it (pun intended). So on this Monday afternoon, we stopped by for a late lunch. A taxi from Westlands to the Souk would cost about Ksh.600. A matatu, on the other hand, goes for Kshs. 70 from the Nairobi CBD or Kshs.30 from Dagoretti Junction. Tin Roof Cafe Karen is located at the Souk which also houses the Polka Art Gallery and other merchandise shops. The Souk is located on the opposite side of the Hub so it hard to get lost. The Tin Roof Cafe at Karen is usually open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm on a daily basis except on Sundays.

Blankets and Wine 2017 Photo Diary

blankets and wine

I hate the feeling of having to be squeezed among many other human beings. I love my space and that is what I loved about the Blankets and Wine 2017. The grounds at Uhuru Gardens were able to match the number of attendees at the event. Blankets and Wine 2017 took place at the Uhuru Gardens on the 10th of December. The concert which began at around 11am continued till 10 in the pm as the artistes keep everyone entertained. In fact, most people were dancing by the end of the night. Tired of dancing?  There was plenty of food and drinks to keep one satisfied. To top off the entertainment, vendors were present at the grounds where you could get fancy accessories at good prices. Have a look at what went down.

Performances  at Blankets and Wine


She is a Jamaican artiste and was able to get people singing along the catchy beats.

Kelissa at balnkets and wine

Jumia Black Friday shopping experience and product Haul

Jumia Kenya

This was my 2nd time shopping on Jumia and I thought I would do a review on what I bought on Jumia Black  Friday. Jumia had a Jumia Black Friday sale running from the 13th of November to 14th of December. Initially, I made up my mind not to buy anything from the online store given my previous experience but the prices were really enticing. Up to 80 % discount offers! More so, when I spotted some products that I’ve been meaning to buy were on huge discounts.  So there I went online shopping, picked up a couple of products that I would love to use.  After delivery, Juma sent an email with a questionnaire regarding the shopping experience. I’m going to use the same guideline to write about my experience.

 Website-  navigation, speed, filtering
On the Jumia website, every product is categorised.  There is a drop-down menu on the top left side of the website on every page. There was no Jumia black Friday tab but then almost everything was on offer. The site also has home slides where you can see a slideshow of the categories of products on offers such as home electronics and phones.  It was also very easy to spot product categories from the home page. The web pages do not take as much time to load which is good as you can manage to move through the categories in a short time. Filtering is how you choose products by the price range, popularity and the ratings.  You can also filter by the brand type and the delivery options but on the sidebar.  That way you can see products within your price range and the weather is it will be shipped from Kenya or global.  By clicking Jumia that is written on the top left, you go right into the homepage.

What to pack in a Travel Toiletry Bag Checklist + printable

Travel toiletry bag

A toiletry bag is where you put your personal effects. This can be your toothbrush, lotion and any other personal item that you require.  A toiletry bag is very handy when you travel. It makes it easy to grab your personal items together and pack on the go. You are always sure that you have everything you need in one bag once you have it. You should have a checklist of what you should carry in your bag so as to make sure you have the necessities and you don’t carry excess.   A toiletry bag ensures that you become ‘self-contained’ as you travel.  Here are a few recommendations and a printable pdf below that you can use this Christmas.


First of all, a moisturiser is very important for your skin. Whether you are travelling to the beach or a game reserve, make sure you have a moisturiser with you.  It keeps your skin soft and you will not feel ashy as you travel. For those with many homes aka “ushago” having this in a packable toiletry bag, will save you a lot. You don’t want your relatives asking “Huyu anatoka city na hata hawezi beba mafuta?”😒  You don’t want to be that person always begging for body lotions from everyone.

Hairitage Chronicles 3.0 | 2017

Hairitage Chronicles

Hairitage Chronicles is an event hosted by Nurtured Knots. Having heard of it before, I made a mental note to attend this particular one. This specific Hairitage event took place at the Ngong Racecourse on the 7th of October.  On the same day, it also happened to be the D-day for KulaKula Festival.  I was torn between which to attend after sharing details of both events on my Instastories. After further thought, I decided the Hairitage Chronicles it is. I found it an opportune time to boost my knowledge about what I know about natural hair and also grab some goodies.

This year’s Hairitage Chronicles was at the Ngong Racecourse. I love the tranquillity that the location offers. The downside to it is that Ngong Road is usually packed with cars and the 7th was even worse. This is because of the Nairobi International Trade Fair. The entry was to the venue was absolutely free. I met up with a friend upon arrival. Yaas! Bring a  sister with you whenever you go to such events.